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Disability on a day off - I find a day off or a holiday can bring disability to the surface.  In the routine of a working week I’ve got used to things but on a holiday or a bank holiday there are things I wish I … Continue reading
Disability in the light of eternity - Here’s a 10 minute talk by John Piper that we hope will encourage you.  He was asked: “My brother’s life has been ruined by physical disability: what now?”  If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure where he was going in the … Continue reading
Family Away Day - We’re glad to confirm that our second ‘In His Grip Day’ will happen this year on Saturday 2nd July at Denham Grove De Vere venue.  (Tilehouse Ln, Denham UB9 5DG) It will be a day of teaching & sharing life … Continue reading
“Healed at Last” - I (Nick) am reading a really helpful book at the moment called “Healed at Last” by Scott Blackwell.  A couple of highlights so far relate to one of Scott’s friends (Steve) who suffers severely with cerebral palsy, Scott writes: “In … Continue reading
J I Packer and weakness - Sometimes Romans 8:28 is quoted as if we’ll definitely see the ‘good’ that God brings out of suffering in this life.  Or that the ‘good’ in this life will balance out the ‘bad’.  There’s no expectation of that; Romans 8:29 … Continue reading
It’s better to have trouble - Vaneetha Rendall posted recently under the striking title: ‘It’s better to have trouble’.  It’s not glib, it’s not light; it’s real and honest and written out of her experience of post-polio syndrome. You can read it by clicking here. May it … Continue reading
R2-D2s accessibility problems - Since starting to use a wheelchair I’ve become aware that I see physical space differently. Brain plasticity means we humans can adapt. Arriving in an unfamiliar place I immediately and subconsciously scan the area: “Are there kerbs? Is there a … Continue reading
Daydreaming about eternity - I’ve been reading a wonderful book recently.  It’s called ‘The life you never expected’ by Andrew and Rachel Wilson.  They write honestly of their experience of raising their two children who have Autism. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite … Continue reading
There’s nothing down about Down’s syndrome - This powerful video is such a helpful corrective to our thinking.  You can view it here.
12 biblical truths for parents - Here’s a recent helpful post from Biblical Counselling (see site address at the end): The society we live in expects life to be trouble-free; there is an assumption that we somehow have a right to an easy life. This mindset … Continue reading